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Text Box: The home of British Bike, Twinshock and Pre 95 air cooled monoshock trials in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District.                                               We are Peak Classic Trials Club


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Welcome to the Peak Classic Trials Clubs website

Its with a heavy heart that I write this, due to the covid19 outbreak all trials are cancelled. The AMCA have put a hold on all sport, so until it all clears we just have to wait. The general opinion is that it will be June before anything will happen.

So get those bikes fettled and stay safe.


The Calendar for the 2020 has been left as was, we hope to squeeze a few extra trials in as a catch up, dates permitting.  Please see the changes to the club rules for 2020 below. 



Club membership will be due for the 2020 season in January. Cost £10. Along with reduced entry fees remember only fully paid up members can score Championship points.


Peak Classic Trials Club would like to thank Martin Rickman for his support and for attending our 2020 Club Championship rounds

















Please support Martin is his new venture

His van will be at some of the Peak Classic events for all your spares and accessories needs from tyres to oils.

 Michelin and IRC tyres and tubes, PJ1 oils, NGK spark plugs, Venhill cables, Domino throttles and levers, Renthal bars and chains, Apico. Specialists in Wheel building and Ossa parts


With our first year completed overall we are fairly happy with the changes we made in 2019, however there are a few things we feel need to be adapted to make the events even better.  Below is a list of the initial changes we propose, just remember that we are at the beginning of a journey and nothing is cast in stone.

(1) Tie break rules. As we did in the 2019 season, Two or more riders tying will receive the same points for that position, with the next placed rider getting the point for the next numerical placing.  So 2 riders tie for 1st place, both get the full championship points, the second placed rider will get the points for third.   In the event of a tie in the championship standings after the last trial in November ,  it has been decided to run a “RIDE OFF” at the December presentation trial, this will involve the riders who are tied riding three selected sections until a clear winner is evident, it is to be run prior to the start of the main trial so all riders can watch.

(2) The word “Clubman” has been changed to “Sportsman/Vets” as we feel this better describes the level that the sections are aimed at, and will remove any confusion for visiting/new riders with other clubs definition of  what standard a clubman should be.

(3) Club Championship– it has been decided to have 10 championship trials over the year, with the September  trial being a Trophy trial, and the December trial being the presentation trial.  The minimum number of trials to be considered for an award has been reduced to 6 with the ability to drop 4 rounds ( all 6 must be in one class to be eligible )  from the 10 championship trials.

(4) Previously we did allow riders on modern machines to ride a trial but not be part of the championship, due to the growing numbers of riders attending on modern machines it has been decided that we cannot continue with this policy.  It unfortunate as we do not like to exclude any rider, and dislike the idea of elitist separation, but we are a classic club, run for riders of classic machines on sections designed specifically for them and feel that the number of modern machines attending was beginning to have a negative impact on the club and its members.  We will still allow over 60 riders on modern machines and junior riders at the discretion of the club.

(5) Daylight saving– it has been decided to follow the UK daylight saving hours and start the “winter hour” trials at 10.30am and the “Summer hour” trials at the normal time of 11.00am. Please make sure you check and know the star time of the trial your attending.

(6) Return of Riding numbers– we don’t ask very much of our members & riders, but it seems that its too difficult to remember to hand in your

          Numbers after the trial. This is important and it has been decided that if you fail to hand in your number and get it marked off you will not be

           Included in the results for that trial.     

If you are unsure about machine eligibility then please ask the Clerk of the Course / Trials secretary prior to the start of the event. Machines that contravene the eligibility criteria will be moved to another class and may be eligible for a different championship.



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