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Text Box: The home of British Bike, Twinshock and Pre 95 air cooled monoshock trials in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District.                                               We are Peak Classic Trials Club


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Welcome to the Peak Classic Trials Clubs website.

Round 11 of the club championship took place on Sunday, at Stathams Farm, Huge Thanks to the setout team for another great trial and the marshals' for standing in the rain.

  Many thanks to Mr & Mrs Statham for the use of their venue


Club membership now due for the 2019 season. Cost £10. Along with reduced entry fees remember only fully paid up members can score Championship points.


Peak Classic Trials Club would like to thank PB Trialsport’s new owner Martin Rickman for his support and for attending our 2019 Club Championship rounds

















Please support Martin is his new venture


His van will be at all the Peak Classic events for all your spares and accessories needs from tyres to oils.

PB Trialsport for  Michelin and IRC tyres and tubes, PJ1 oils, NGK spark plugs, Venhill cables, Domino throttles and levers, Renthal bars and chains, Apico. Wheel building etc


PB Trialsport for parts that perform.

Having listened to all the comments you have made over the last few trials there are various things that we feel need changing, mainly it would seem to simplify some of the rules and make things easier for all to understand.  Below is a list of the initial changes we propose, just remember that we are at the beginning of a journey and nothing is cast in stone.

(1) Forgotten era class:  whilst we fully understand why this class was introduced it just adds a level of complication we feel is not required ,so for the 2019 season and going forward the previous rules no longer apply.  Any of the bikes previously listed as being from the forgotten era will be most welcome but not receive any extra points. 

(2) One area that seems to create confusion is the inclusion of classic clubman and classic expert routes, having looked at the 2018 entries and the number of riders who compete these classes we have decided to retain them for the 2019 season. The whole reason for having these two extra classes is to allow for a bridge between clubman and intermediate, and intermediate and expert. This also provides a little more of a challenge for those riders who are not focused on championships but enjoy the sport. We will be making changes to the rider numbers to clearly show everyone which route a rider is on, marking the section score cards to clearly show if the section is a classic or not, and providing laminated sheet explaining the routes for the casual observer or anyone wishing to clarify the routes. The reason the sections are called classic and not the normal 50/50 is that there may be occasions depending on venue it is not possible to safely have 5 of the harder sections suitable for all riders. Out of the 10 some will be classified as “classic” and on those sections all riders who have opted to ride these routes will ride up respectively.

(3) Clubman “B” route is to be deleted, there seems to be very little requirement for this and if there is a section that is deemed unsuitable for clubmen riders then we shall inform them on the day and the section excluded from their trial.

(4) Tie break rules. The present ruling in the event of a tie is to firstly use the age of the rider, oldest placing highest. This will be changing to the normally accepted rules of farthest clean etc. in the event of a total tie then the riders will all receive the points for the win and normal points will resume down the order. So three riders tie and fourth place gets normal points.

(5) within the specific class rules there are many instances where extra championship points can be awarded, an example of this is any rider using a rigid machine will receive 3 extra points added to those he gained for his finishing position. All extra point to be removed from the rules, it would seem that this situation has arisen over a period of time, in an attempt to provide a balance of some sort. A back to basic scoring will ease the likelihood of some spurious extra point being missed from the championship scoring. 

(6) In the current rules it states that a club member who signs on as an observer at the beginning of the trial and observes for the duration will receive 10 championship points. Whilst the reason for this is obvious as an encouragement, the reality is somewhat different. Proposal to remove this from the rules.


If you are unsure about machine eligibility then please ask the Clerk of the Course / Trials secretary prior to the start of the event. Machines that contravene the eligibility criteria will be moved to another class and may be eligible for a different championship.



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